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Wedding Photography & film in Jeffreys bay & where needed

​DHPhotography Jeffrey's bay Photographers

DHPhotography Jeffreys bay weddings families portraits  (617)
DHPhotography Jeffreys bay Photographers (281)
DHPhotography Jeffreysbaai fotograwe
DHPhotography Jeffrey's Bay forest
DHPhotography Jeffreys bay photographers
DHPhotography Jeffrey's Bay Photographers Couple Photoshoot St Francis
DHPhotography Jeffrey's Bay Photographers Groom & Bride seascape
Wedding photographer Jeffreys Bay
DHPhotography Jeffrey's Bay photographer
DHPhotography Cape Saint Francis
DHPhotography Jeffrey's Bay sunset wedding
Jeffrey's bay Photographers
Photographers Jeffrey's Bay
Saint Francis Wedding by DHPhotography
DHPhotography Jeffreys bay Photographer
Fotograwe Jeffrey's Bay Photographer
Photographers Jeffrey's Bay
DHPhotography Wedding Photo
DHPhotography Jeffrey's Bay Photographers Pre wedding Oubos strand
DHPhotography Jeffrey's Bay photographer
DHPhotography Jeffreys bay Wedding Photographers
DHPhotography Jeffrey's Bay Photographers Eerste rivier
DHPhotography Jeffreys bay weddings families portraits  (335).jpg
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We capture weddings @ any destination. 


We are passionate about high quality wedding photography!

DHPhotography, Jeffrey's Bay photographers, are prestige professional wedding photographers.

We are leading luxury wedding experts that enjoy capturing all the grandeur of the day and deliver premium service.

As experienced photographers, we capture the couple's unique narrative and emotions of the Wedding Day, 

in high quality photos in Jeffrey's Bay or any other destination.

Our style is between photojournalistic & portrait journalism and tend to produce results that look like a collision between fine art,

high fashion and the beautiful flow of events. 

© DHPhotography Photographers Jeffrey's Bay Wavecrest South Africa  /                                                                                               

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